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    Thread: Official Aveo FAQ/How-To thread 2.0

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      Official Aveo FAQ/How-To thread 2.0

      The dead links from the previous thread haven't been cached, so I did a search on the forums and, by my best guess, these are the threads that have been indexed there. Note that when several good threads on the same subject pop up while searching I added those results as well.

      The online service manual and electrical schematics have been taken down. If anyone has working links post them in this thread and I will add them here.

      Index of many threads regarding modifications and customizations can be found in this thread.


      Blacking out the emblem and badge removal
      Removing front badge
      How to de-badge and re-badge your car
      Disable/replace DRL
      Headlamp and turn signal removal

      Interior and audio

      Replacing stock stereo
      Aftermarket head unit installation
      Center console LED replacement
      Adding an armrest
      Heater vent strobe lights
      DIC cluster
      Utilizing the mini USB port

      Engine, exhaust, and intake

      Second o2 sensor bypass
      Resonator removal
      Throttlebody coolant bypass

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