The following is a guide to follow when purchasing a used Aveo or Wave.

Wether you have not previously owned one of these cars, you don't know much about them or you aren't very mechanically inclined this article will enlighten you on all the information you should know when buying one of these cars.

First off, you should be aware of the Aveo/Wave's weakest points, keep in mind every car ever made is known for certain "problems" and weaknesses and this is not a good reason to not buy one of these cars, they are simply things that you want to make sure to look at. Here is a short list of the Aveo/Wave's weakest points and why:

1. Timing belts: Timing belts are among one of the weakest points of these little cars, the timing belt can snap and because the engine is of an interference design serious damage will occur. If the previous owner cannot tell you when the timing belt was last changed you should seriously consider changing it as soon as possible.

2. Plastic Thermostat housings: Most that have them have probably already been replaced but if you happen upon one it should be changed to a metal one.

3. Automatic Transmission: The 4 speed Automatic made by Aisin
is not known to be the worlds strongest transmission but if it is taken care of it has been proven to last a very long time. Make sure the fluid is a good red color and doesn't smell burnt, when you test drive the car make sure its not slipping and does a good hard-downshift.

4. First Generation DRL Modules: If you are looking at a first generation Aveo/Wave and it is a model that has DRL's (daytime running lights) make sure it does not have the recalled module. These modules were recalled because they can overheat and catch fire, you can get the recall checked out on your car for free at any GM dealer.

Once you have checked all of these issues that apply to your vehicle you can move on to the next step, the basic vehicle purchase checklist.

1. Engine: Make sure there is no engine noise and the engine is running smoothly.

2. Transmission: Make sure the transmission shifts smooth without noise and does a good hard downshift ( you check this while driving and firmly accelerating, the car should downshift quickly.)

3. Fluids: Make sure all fluid levels are good and clean, if not add or change.

4. Suspension: Make sure there is no clunks and try to check for cracked rubber parts on suspension components. press down on the body of the car in all 4 corners, the car should not make any noise and should return to its resting position without bouncing.

5. Brakes: Make sure the car stops well with no noise or pulsation, check to make sure the hand brake is operational.

6. Lights: Make sure all lights are working: headlights, brake lights, reverse lights, turn signals, maker lights and licence plate lights.

7. Body: Make sure there is no serious rust and that all the body panels are fitting well, if they are not the car may have been in an accident.

8. Wipers: Make sure wipers and washers work and are in good condition, remember to check rear wiper on hatchback.

9. Tires: Make sure tires are worn evenly, not dry rotted and have plenty of tread.

10. Gauges: Make sure temperature levels are normal and no warning lights are on.

There you did it !
You have just completed the inspection on your new Aveo/Wave, now you must decide if you would like to buy the car. Good luck! I hope this guide helped you, enjoy living the dream in your new tiny car.