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    Thread: 04-05 aveo TB coolant bypass mod

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      04-05 aveo TB coolant bypass mod

      Originally posted by y2daniel1981

      This is only for 2004-2005 Model Chevy Aveo

      Gains: A few horsepower. Basically this mod bypasses the engine coolant around the throttle body. The decreased temperature of the throttle body allow for a few more horsepower to be saved. This mod can be reversed for winter time so your throttle body doesn't freeze up.

      Time needed: 15-30 minutes after cool down

      Parts needed:


      I got the following from Autozone for under $15. But they can be found at any auto parts store under different names:

      HELP! Bypass Cap Assortment (package of , Part Number 02253

      Koehler Enterprises Hose Clamp, Range 1/4" - 5/8" (5,6 - 15,9 mm) ,
      (package of 4) Part Number KE-4SS

      Campbell Hausfeld 3/8" (9,5mm) Hose Splicer (package of 2), Part Number MP3219

      Step 1: Turn off car
      Step 2: Open hood
      Step 3: Let sit for an hour or more to cool off completely

      Step 4: Remove air intake tube from throttle body and set aside
      Step 5: Take coolant cap off coolant overflow bottle
      Step 6 : Take cap off of radiator to relieve pressure

      Step 7: Remove exit coolant line running from overflow bottle to throttle body at the throttle body.


      There are 3 lines (2 on the SVM) to the left of the engine cover. PVC line, Coolant line running to the back for the throttle body (this is the one to cut), and an AC line (not on SVM, VERY BAD if you cut it)

      Step 8: Cut inlet coolant throttle body line (it runs into the back of the throttle body) leaving enough line to bend.

      Step 9: Use hose splicer to connect the throttle body inlet and exit lines (the one you cut and the one you removed). Use hose clamps to sercure these lines to the splicer
      Step 10: Cap off the remaining inlet tube running to the back of the throttle body.
      Step 11: Cap off throttle body exit
      Step 12: Use hose clamp to secure tube to overflow bottle.
      Step 13: Replace Air intake to throttle body

      In order to reverse this mod, just use the hose splice to reconnect the cut lines with hose clamps, and reconnect the out bound tube to the throttle body

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      yay! another one of my how to made it across!

      im waiting for it to warm up again here so I can re-do the mod and see if it really does do anything

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