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    Thread: Fabricator making suspension parts aveo hatch

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      Fabricator making suspension parts aveo hatch

      Hello there,

      I just picked up a 11 hatch and will be making some parts for it.

      I'm a red seal metal fabricator (in Canada) I work in a stainless shop, so all items will most likely be made out of 304 stainless unpolished (due to added cost)

      Parts I'm planning on making

      strut tower bar (because you need somewhere to lean on when under the hood)
      x brace (like the flying miata one used to have a miata so thats where inspiration comes from)
      Removalable Belly underpan to attach to x brace

      I will be experimenting with different thickness's for a added weight vs aero pay off.

      Belly pan may be made out of polyethlene depending on cost vs weight

      There will be lots more to come, and I'm just doing this in my spare time so no timeline for progress (IT WILL BE SLOW)

      When something happens i'll post pics.

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      You can buy some of those parts that you are talking about..
      An ultra racing strut tower bar makes a world of difference in the aveo.
      You can improve beyond that, especially if you tie in the strut mounts, and not just stiffen the towers.

      Check out this thread for the parts already available..

      One thing about the belly pan. I would have appreciated it (i put a hole or two in my oil pan from my ride height).
      I don't like the idea of sealing the exhaust next to the oil pan with a belly pan. If you built something more like an oil pan skid plate, you might get some interest and benefits.

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      Sounds like a few fun projects. I look forward to seeing some pictures.

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