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    Thread: 2010 Aveo Ls---help changing rear upper shock/strut mount

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      2010 Aveo Ls---help changing rear upper shock/strut mount

      My passenger rear shock/strut(whichever they call it) mount, has bit the dust. I got the parts to fix it over the weekend. Anyone have any idea how to remove and install the new mount. I can't get to it through the trunk, and it looks like you'd have to, in order to tighten the bolts down on the mount?? Any info would be great, thanks!

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      there are two bolts /nuts that holds a "cup" in the wheel well, once you take that out with the strut, the top nut for the strut is in there.

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      is this for the REAR SHOCKS? or the FRONT Struts? We have shcoks in the rear.....not struts,luckily! But is this the rear you are talking about. I am trying to get to you, 'Rabbit', to figure out this issue, the estimates i am getting are unreal. $596-$850! to replace the shocks, and you did yours in 30 mins? Then i got this forum note sent to me. So far only CHEVY is willing to let me buy the top 'bushing/mount plate', at Chevy ,for only $30, of course it is in Mich. only, so i have to order it and get it here first.

      And replace it for $100. Not replacing the shocks. Just this top part, to end the knocking. But if this 'cup' is there, from underneath, and I can get to it, maybe I can get to it on my own, and do it for nothing, except the parts cost. Does this 'cup' release the shock top parts that I am having trouble with? So i can replace them? Or make the entire shock drop out....either way, if it does releases the top of the shock, it sound easier to get to, if it is in the wheel well, I see some screws/bolts when i look up at the top of the shock...is that this 'cup' part you are talking about?

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