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    Thread: HELP - Aftermarket door locks

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      Question HELP - Aftermarket door locks

      Hi there, I'm trying to install aftermarket door locks and power windows. I tried fishing wires through the grommet on the door and ran into a problem. Instead of the grommet leading right into under the dash like i thought it would, it seems to have a connector in the grommet. The only two wires running out to the door are the speaker wires, but on the connector on the inside of the car, there are about 5 wires attached to it.

      What I need to know is if all the wires there are necessary, or if I can somehow make room for the wiring harness for my locks and windows..

      2006 Pontiac Wave, manual everything.. Any help is much appreciated as right now I'm at a standstill with the job and frustrated beyond belief.

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      Do a search for 'Molex' on this site for more info. But short answer is they're a pain, there won't be any wires in the door and you'll have to pop them out and make a hole or any other method out there.

      The extra wires that don't belong to the corresponding speaker wires aren't necessary. It would be for power locks, mirror and window I would think.

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