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    Thread: 2004 Aveo Sedan Rear Middle seat belt, need extender. Help!

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      2004 Aveo Sedan Rear Middle seat belt, need extender. Help!

      2004 Aveo Sedan I have searched all over the internet with no luck. I can't be the only person with this issue! The middle rear seat belt recepticle bolted to the floor is way too short. It does not come out of the seat far enough for anyone to be able to push the middle seat belt buckle into. It is so short it is buried inside the seat. I have tried to flip the bracket which gave me a little more length but it still remains too short. Does anyone know of a replacement with a longer strap for the female end? The dealer is useless as expected and has no answer. The universal extenders listed are 12" which is too long and then the whole assembly with a bolt would be sitting on the passangers lap. Anyone have any ideas how to adress this? Need extra 2" (dont we all)

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      Its not elegant, but a small length of chain that you could just bolt in would do the trick.

      Can't say I've ever had problems with the rear seat belt. Then again I never use it either though.

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      I had the same issue... so ended up removing the belt entirely. But then again it was because I never used it. I would agree with Daox chain would be best and just find a longer mounting screw. You may have a little trouble popping the seat back in but should work. Just be careful with it the front plastic clips are not very...well durable.

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