Well I got my tire question answered, so now for a real head scratcher. I have the OEM Hood Deflector on my 2006 Aveo HB, since I bought it in 2006. It has lasted all this time, still in good cond. except for the crack I put in it a few years ago, glued it up, but it looks like Frankensteins scar!! And of course GM no longer makes the hood deflector for the Aveo. Haven't for MANY years. Can't find it on EBay, or here, anywhere.

So here's my question. Is anyone using a hood deflector from ANY other car? And it fits the Aveo hood? I cant go and buy dozens, try them on, then return them when they don't fit. Especially now. So I figure I would ask in here.

I cant be the only person who bought the OEM one when they bought their Aveo new. Or put on another one, when they couldnt find the OEM one.

OR does anyone know where to buy an OEM? Or have one and want to sell it? I have checked GM USA, GM Canada, hell even Daewoo! They don't make them, or they don't fit etc. Cant find it. So...anyone using another make out there?? I think it makes the car look much much better. And well, the hood paint is still perfect,no chips etc...just like the deflector is suppose to prevent. Thanks for any leads.