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    Thread: Timing belt water pump co$t

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      Timing belt water pump co$t

      Hi I live in Canada 2 hrs from burlington vt I have an 05 Pontiac wave same thing as aveo. I have 44000 miles on it 71000km I want to get the timing belt water pump tensioner and idler pulpy done I was quoted $1000+ to hav it all done. I was hoping if I go to burlington and have the gm dealer there do it it would be cheaper. It's a great car I use amsoil 5w30 and I just got the car used it's like new. Can some one give me an idea of what a job like this in the us should cost me. I want to use oem parts I had a Honda civic 09 and it costed around $600 with new coolant water pump tenstioner and I had it done in Connecticut at the Honda dealer. It's just $1000 seams a bit much
      Thank you

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      $1,000 is way too much. You should be looking more in the range of $400-$600.

      I'm in the US, but the exchange rate is very close to 1:1.

      For OEM parts:
      $62 for the belt
      $83 for the waterpump
      $3 for the gasket
      $25 idler pulley
      $20 tensioner
      So about $200 for a full service

      Add $50 for serpentine belt change while you're in there.

      So you have $250 in parts, obviously this doesn't include the dealer markup. I'm guessing it should take a GM tech 2-3 hours to complete the service properly, so... like $300 in labor? that's $550 on the high end. Where's the extra $450 going?

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