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      Stupid Question?

      Ok, fair warning, this might be a stupid question but here goes. I have been noticing that there is a little trail of while smoking coming out of my engine bay. I also smell anti-freeze being burnt. Naturally I assume its a coolant leak, right? I look under the hood and there is no leak thats visible. The hoses are all fine and there is no leak from the thermostat housing. The car also does not overheat. She runs perfectly time all the time. The cooling fan also turns on as well.

      I finally did find where the white smoke is coming from - its coming from the radiator! And the car does leak a little anti freeze when its shut off and parked and its also coming from the radiator area. So here is the stupid question, are all of these signs that I need to change out the radiator? I'm assuming that there must be a crack in the radiator somewhere that is causing this little leak and smoke but like I said, the car is not overheating.

      Thanks in advance!

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      I have been down that road before. Best bet is to put in a new radiator. I have had some luck patching them, though. The plastic tanks can be a DIY job if not to badly damaged, and you can take it to a radiator tech for the bigger leaks.

      Hope that helped...

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      Radatior is definitely easy to do, just get it out the way.

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