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    Thread: Stumpy's Comprehensive Guide to a Short Ram or Cold Air Intake (with pictures!)

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      Update: I have moved forward to a CAI. I prefer it because I noticed the slow take off during the summer months. I have had it on for several months and will keep it year round. There is a wow factor and plus I like that it cleans out the engine bay.
      I used the same set up, but added a 6" pipe, one 45, and one 60. The order is 6, 4, 45, 60 from intake to filter. Also note that I used a silicone coupler to wedge into the hole in the wheel well because the coupler rings Spectre supplies are too big for that opening. This set up option was used because I had already trimmed my intake tube. I feel it is still superior because of the smooth pipe flow. I also noticed a slight increase of "driving feel" after switching. Maybe it is intake velocity? True a longer tube would increase velocity so perhaps that is it.

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      I forgot about the potential to rub and rubbed a hole in mine daily driving it, put what I got with my car back on, few of the fender extensions or what ever they're called were missing basically just the box with the dry rotted and Permatex repaired tube rather than duct taped like when I got it. Also a factory filter I had carefully washed and let dry for weeks in the hot summer, don't recommend that but I went cheap in certain areas when I first got the car.

      I love the sound and the way the engine looks and that it's easier to work on with the filter. I can't tell if it has more power myself it definitely sounds like it does though. No hood liner and a intake really helps the sound up front for basically no cost.

      Planning on doing ram in the winter and a CAI as well once I get it squared away but if you buy like a $8 simple J shaped Stainless pipe don't forget to strap it to the factory mount point and still check for rubbing on that foam covered line that is right next to it.

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