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    Thread: Rebuilt 2009 LXV - and this happened...

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      Rebuilt 2009 LXV - and this happened...

      What’s up grease monkeys! I recently had my 2009 LXV engine rebuilt at a local machine shop. Head was rebuilt, new seals and guides - Engine block honed, new piston rings, main and rod bearings, new oil pump, oil cooler, and gaskets all around - everything torqued to spec. Got the engine all buttoned up and back in the car. Everything seemed fine when I fired her up. It ran a little rough at first but leveled out and ran smooth within the first 30 seconds. EXCEPT its hemorrhaging oil from what looks like out behind the crank pulley - steady drip / small stream. ��
      I’ve got the engine back out of the car again. Not really sure what caused this or where to begin. It slung oil all up the timing components, so it’s hard to isolate exactly where this leak is coming from...
      The engine maybe has a total of 2 minutes of run time since the rebuild. Figured before I tear it all apart again and buy all new gaskets for a second time I’d poll the group on this if anyone has had this happen...I’m leaning toward a bad pump...Thoughts?
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