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    Thread: Problem with slipping clutch after changing clutch because of noisy clutch bearing..

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      Problem with slipping clutch after changing clutch because of noisy clutch bearing..

      Hi Everyone and thanks for taking the time to read my post.

      Here is the problem i am encountering at the moment on my 2008 Aveo.

      Last week end, i did my clutch on my aveo. I did change the clutch disc, the pressure plate and as well the bearing since it was the problem at first glance.. The fly week was superb, no spot and surface was clean and smooth. I wash all the interior of the transmission with break cleaner as well as the flyweek to avoid any oil or grease on the surface.

      Now, i notice that after 20 minutes of stop and go the clutch pedal becomes hard and clutch start slipping... I mean it will slip if i ask too much RPM. It engage and disengage perfectly and pedal is grabing at haft way.

      If i let it cool down for 1h then im good for 20 minutes of stop and go before it starts to slip again.

      I notice that on the highway there is no problem at all since i guess there is no stop and go.

      Any logic and smart advice from experimented Aveo Owners?

      Thanks a lot a Aveo buddy!

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      I wonder if there is bad springs inside the clutch plate. As they overheat they pull the friction plate away.
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      I recommend replacing the clutch release lever and fork whenever you do a clutch job on Aveos. It seems to be a common failure and will drive you nuts trying to figure it out when the lever "bends". It may appear fine like mine did, but the lever shifted or bent in the weld even though it appeared fine. This will prevent the clutch pedal from being fully pressed to the floor. Many times it will end up with you blowing out the slave cylinder. Both parts are less than $50 US dollars. Changing them while you already have the transmission out will save you from having to drop the transmission again. If your parts are fine, change them anyway. It may prevent a costly and inconvenient tow bill later. I believe the part numbers for 2004-2008 Aveos are as follows:

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