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    Thread: 2009 Aveo 4Dr 112,000 miles spark plugs stuck ECOTECH engine

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      2009 Aveo 4Dr 112,000 miles spark plugs stuck ECOTEC engine

      2009 Aveo 4Dr 112,000 Miles spark plugs stuck.

      The car has the orig. plugs and I want to replace them.
      I read somewhere that the plugs are easy to remove, but they are not.
      When I hit 50 inch pounds and nothing budged I stopped.

      How much torque should they take ? I do not want to bust them off.

      Thoughts, suggestions, torque specs on removing the plugs ????

      Update: Warmed up the engine for 4 minutes, and the plugs came out. Will post a picture soon.
      used anti-seize on the new ones.

      Still has issues


      The Aveo has been broadsided but still/was running until yesterday.
      All of a sudden #3 has a misfire, pulled the coil rail and the #2 and #3 wells are full of oil.
      I assume the valve gasket so the plug wells were cleaned, Tightened down center valve cover star nut that was loose.
      So now to replace the plugs, put it together and try it before replacing the coil rail.

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