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    Thread: 08 transmission work

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      08 transmission work

      08 aveo LS sedan. 1.6L engine.

      i've got to make this happen in the near future, but i was wondering if i had to actually drop the whole engine down to take it out or if there was a way to get it accomplished without that. i don't have access to a cherry picker or whatever it takes to lift it that high.

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      I doubt you'll be able to pull the trans without at least dropping things down a bit. Thats how I've done things before before I had an engine hoist. If you can swing it, buy a hoist from harbor freight. It really makes it a TON easier.

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      I've swapped transmissions on a FWD car using just a floor jack: get the front end way up high on jack stands. Support the engine (blocks, etc.) Then unbolt and lower the trans down using the jack (with a friend to keep it from falling off the jack).

      You need to have enough clearance to slide the trans sideways to separate it from the engine. Not sure if the Aveo does.

      A hoist definitely makes it MUCH easier.

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