heya fellas and ladies

im doing some work on a friends car who blew her clutch.
i replaced the clutch with a new one and put the tranny back on mounts.

i thought i had to remove the shift fork housing to get the tranny out.

i went to take it for a rip but it wont reverse anymore.
ive looked all over for an answer but nobody seems to know.

is there a diagram on the tranny anybody has?
ive alligned all the shift pins to neutral and adjusted the diveted rod so when it goes back in its all lined up

its like the whole shifting layout has moved one spot to the left so first is in reverse and 5th is in 3rd type thing.
there has to be something im missing with aligning it all up. is there anything i should know about reinstalling the shift fork and its housing? i found a thread on here regarding the same issue but that fellows fix hasnt remedied my issue