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    Thread: Won't start on hot days

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      What's wrong with my car?
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      Won't start on hot days

      Just a few quick basics. I have a 2007 Aveo LS. I live in the AZ desert. The last few summers on hot 100 + degree days, in reality almost every day, when I go out to start the car the following happens: I put in the key, the idiot lights and buzzers come on, a switch sound activates when you push the clutch in and out (yes it's a manual...I bought it for that). When you turn the key to start.....nothing. Just chirping crickets...nada. Then I put it into third gear, turn key off, get out and rock it back and forth a few times with the drive train engaged, get back in turn on the key, idiot lights and buzzers happen, turn the key to start and it's instant crank and start, put it in gear and go (100 + degrees, no warm up required). It'll continue to stop and start the rest of the day, MIGHT pull this stunt once in a while during the days use, but almost always never. Car is parked a few days again and repeat process. In the winter (like right now) where it's in the 70s, it starts every time no problem. Does anyone have a idea from likely to a million shot what I need to do here. I am so not mechanical and honestly can't afford to pay a mechanic to "figure out" what is the problem. Thx....Marsea

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      Check the electrical contacts in the ignition switch.

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