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    Thread: Turn the heat on and motor idles rough but seems to want to accelerate?

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      Turn the heat on and motor idles rough but seems to want to accelerate?

      Hello gang. Im a bit new with this motor and still finding my way around the mechanics of this car. I purchased an 05 Aveo and after quite a few small repairs its become a cool little car. Its that time here in Ohio to get cold and the flakes have started flying so I have had the heat on a lot the last few days. I notice when I turn it on I can "feel" it grab and it picks up with acceleration if Im not stopped and at an idle it runs rough. Im thinking something to do with the AC compressor? Any thoughts?

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      What do you mean there's no turbo?
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      An AC compressor, when on, would cause the engine to rev a little higher at idle because it is part of the accessory drive system.

      But if you are using heat, make sure the AC button is not lit up; you dont need the compressor running for heat.

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