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    Thread: Thought I'd Ask THIS Question, Since I Have A Repair Post Up Now........

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      Thought I'd Ask THIS Question, Since I Have A Repair Post Up Now........

      I am NOW having a lot of 'repairs', & 'maintenance repairs' done to my 2006 Aveo HB. All VERY MINOR engine & some front end wheel work. It has ONLY 44K miles on it, and frankly still looks brand new. Inside is perfect, no dents, no accidents, paint is still bright and shiny. So, all the work I am having done is either 'age related', things that wear out, or 'regular maintenance'. If you read my new post. You'll see it all, and ill update it later, when I get the bill today.

      BUT my question is. Am I stupid to keep an Aveo? It isnt a Toyota. Is anyone else doing this?? The car is worth according to KBB about $400 to a dealer. About $1,400 in a private sale, because of its condition and mileage,MINE is worth that much. I am spending about $1,100 today on it. A one time thing, basically to make it drive like new again. And I have spent to put in a new timing belt kit, $800, new front struts, $400, those were basically maintenance things. The timing belt was a BIG hit. But it lasted for me for 11 yrs!! THATs pretty good!!

      Is anyone else keeping their Aveo because it is also in great cond.? Or it's paid off? Or you actually like it? I love my simple Aveo. I HATE the cramped new cars. So many airbags in them, seats hard as rocks, its like crawling into a Corvette! Without the prestige. Or because it is 'cheap to keep'? I cant repair much, but others on here do their own repairs. So it is easy to fix a lot on them.

      Or because you know its repair history, if you bought it brand new. And you don't want to risk buying someone elses problems? Like a Corolla. I would love to get an older Corolla, but they all have dead paint, dents, smell of cigs., faded headlights, ripped interiors, bad window tinting, they all look like crap, even if it is a Toyota, you dont know its repair history. It could break down in 100 miles or 100 thousand miles.

      I just wonder if others are keeping their Aveos for the same reason. They like it, it really doesn't break down, and its paid off, so why risk a old used car. I personally cant afford a $500 a month payment on a NEW car for 6 yrs. Anyone else?? And NEW cars are SO complicated now and SO many more computers and 'toys', power everything, turbos in tiny engines, so much to break once the warranty is gone. Right? So...what do you think? Why are you all keeping your Aveos? And others are buying up old Aveos. I just wondered.

      I cant be the only one on here with the only Aveo that isnt a junk heap and breaking down weekly! Am I?

      Am I pissing away money on a cheap car?? Or I am keeping a 'simple car', that I really do like! That needs few real repairs, nearly all the 'repairs' are just maintenance, and all cars need that. So....opinions?

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      Here s what I’ve replaced in the past few months on my new to me 2004 sedan:

      remanufactured head

      full timing belt set

      water pump

      valve cover gasket

      serpentine belt and tensioner

      every coolant hose (yes, all of them)

      spark plugs


      loaded front struts

      rear shocks

      o-rings on the A/C compressor (A/C is NOT optional around here)

      automatic transmission front pump seal (torque converter seal)

      evap solenoid

      flushed the brake fluid

      sway link ends

      it’s worth doing because this car will be on the road for years to come, and it’s rust free.

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      Well a reply!!! Great!!! Yours is a bit older, whats its mileage? Is it also in showroom cond. or it is a typical 15yo car? I mean no offense at all, just asking. Obviously you think as I do. It will stay working a long time, and it is worth fixing. Once these things are done, and yours sound like needed 'repairs',not all just 'maintenance', it will be done for a long time, and its worth the investment....right? I did my rear shocks, a small repair, flushed the brakes, spark plugs, all small normal maintenance things, the water pump is usually done with the timing belt, in a kit. Along with the seals,tensioner,and that lasts for 50K miles, unlike the newer Aveos, that lasts 100K miles. Well glad someone else is keeping theirs, and its worth it?

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