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    Thread: Questions ab changing thermostat housing 2009 aveo5 LT

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      Questions ab changing thermostat housing 2009 aveo5 LT

      changing my thermostat housing and cannot find the coolant plug anywhere despite a pretty extensive google search. Also cannot figure out how to unplug this thing.
      any help? thanks.Name:  CEE2ED23-DE0C-4C7F-909E-DEC3762CE25C.jpg
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      Edit: The coolant plug on the radiator was above the drivers side nipple about an inch up. (facing to the right if your looking straight at the car)
      I got the 'thing' unplugged by unclipping each side of the hose and pulling. Its hard to tell when its unclipped, and the clips break easily so be careful

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      The plug/connector should have a grey colored u-shaped retaining clip that needs to be removed first. It can be easily removed with a tiny flat-blade screwdriver, or pulled out with small needle nose pliers. Should take 30 seconds to remove that connector.

      About the "coolant plug", i am not sure what you mean by that? Coolant drain plug on the radiator? It's on the bottom of the rad, driver's side. Impossible to see from below or above. But if you have the right tool, a flex head ratcheting combination wrench, 13mm i believe, you can get at it from above with the hood open. Carefully feel your way down to the plug from above, and open it up until the coolant flows out. Don't completely remove the plug or you'll have a tough time getting it back in.

      If you want a good picture of the drain plug location on the radiator, go to RockAuto, and look at the replacement radiators for your car. If you look over all the radiator pictures on RockAuto, you'll have a good idea of the exact location of the plug on the rad.


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