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    Thread: ODBII on the Cheap

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      ODBII on the Cheap


      I have one of these and I use it constantly. Maybe I should buy a couple more. One to keep in my truck and an extra to keep at work. So all you newbies you come on the forum and go "My car trouble light is on and whine whine whine" do yourself a favor and buy one.

      Then you can post my car has "P0303 code" and we all will be more than glad to help.

      It's not like I am being snarky or anything like that.

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      Agreed. These are SO worth the money. If I didn't already have a scangauge I'd definitely pick one up.

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      I picked up a smaller one off ebay, and they're great, especially combined with Torque on my phone. The only thing I noticed is that there's a chance the bluetooth module can disconnect from the microprocessor, at least on the smaller versions, so you might have to open it up and put it back together eventually.

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