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    Thread: My Aveo has no fuel filter?

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      My Aveo has no fuel filter?

      I bought a used Aveo and the first thing I did was changing the oil and the oil filter since the oil that was being used on the car was not the one recommended in the manual (it had 10w40 on it), so since I was changing this I decided to change all the filters. I bought a fuel filter without checking if the old filter was below the car near the rear wheel where it's supposed to be. So when I was about to change it, I noticed it was not there.

      Is it possible that my Aveo has no fuel filter? Or is it just located somewhere else?

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      I recently replaced the fuel pump on my 04 hatch. There was no fuel filter. From my research, the filter is built.into the pump. When I flushed out the old pump, it did appear to have a fair amount of sediment. My car had just over 150,000 miles.

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