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    Thread: At a loss on this one?

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      Hello, Aveo specialist here, Heres a couple things I have found.

      Wheel bearing sucks on these cars. I have mines slammed on 17sx9 and i've found only using ac delco or dealer specific bearings are the only way they will last. I have camber and the wheels dont help, they put added stress on wheel bearing and at one point i was replacing them from advance auto every 3 to 4 months.

      I also have run into a problem with pressing the same hub and knuckle multiple times it starts to premature wear of the bearing sooner.

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      Melveo. 1st off: Nice looking Aveo. Mine is similar to yours. The previous owner put racing rims and tires on it so I'm running a lowered car myself with low profile wheels. I have a wider stance look that I like but know its adding to the suspension issues. I have a new steering knuckle coming UPS tomorrow so with my bearing and hub everything will be all new again. I just hope it lasts this time. I'm not sure if it was crappy replacement parts or if the knuckle pocket was just worn-out from driving it at length when the previous bearing was shot and long over due for repair. I know I'm going to pay a bit more attention this time when the shop presses it into the knuckle.
      I saw some cool ground effects kits for these also that has crossed my mind but there is zero clearance after I seen them on the cars. Normal daily driving wouldn't be able to happen without tearing them up and off quickly.

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