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    Thread: Life span of Chevy Aveo 2008

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      Life span of Chevy Aveo 2008

      My 2008 Chevy Aveo has 167,000 km and I'm the proverbial little old lady from Pasadena living in the Middle east. How long can I expect this nice car to last? I haven't had any major work except for an alternator. i'm afraid big problems will start because of it's age.

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      If the car was properly maintained, it should last another 10 years. 167,000km is equal to roughly 103,000 miles. But even though the engine should last another 10 years, I wouldn't dump large amounts of money into the car for repairs as the value of the car is very low.

      There shouldn't be any large problems that arise other than routine maintenance and wear and tear, but its still a 10+ year old car. The electrical components are 10 years old. and like any electrical component, they are subject to failure the older they get.

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