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    Thread: just installed automatic car starter

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      just installed automatic car starter

      just had my automatic car started installed, not to impressed.

      to start the vehicle i must first arm the system. when parking i left off brake and pull e brake, with keys in ignition and engine started, i press a button on remote, remove keys (engine remains running) and exit vehicle. i have a 2008 aveo5 ls with no power locks, so i manually lock door, and press another button to "lock" door and car shut off. now if i go back into vehicle starter will disarm and i must repeat. if not i can then use the remote starter to start vehicle and must repeat once again when i park. as many of you know the LS is a manually transmission... there is a way around this, but if vehicle is left in gear and i start it by accident bye bye tranny. does anyone have any suggestions?

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      I assume you're looking for suggestions other than "buy an automatic"? If so I've got nothing that would be safe. A different brand starter might offer a different "arming" method, but you'll still need to arm it before remote starting.
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      Get into the habit of doing it all the time. It won't take long you'll forget about doing it all together.

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