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      I broke the key off in the ignition of my 05 Aveo. How can I change ignition cylinder without being able to turn the key to acc position, or unlock the steering wheel?

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      That happened to me you have to remove the plastic covers and drill the bolt heads off that hold the switch assembly make sure to center punch them they are 8mm
      and use a drill just over by a hair and centered the tops will pop off if done right as they are break off bolts

      they have heads that allow you to tighten them and shear off/break when tightened there a few switches on the housing parking lock and another I think removed and the contact switch off the bottom of the key housing.

      I was able to drive the car used a screwdriver to start the car and I think I had to push one of the switches to get in gear or out gear had an automatic It been a while.

      Took the switch assembly with a spare key to lock smith and they were able to remove broken off key and made another key for about $45

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