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    Thread: Headlight issues

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      Headlight issues

      I was charging the battery on my 09 Aveo5 and I changed the amperage. I heard a pop like a blown fuse. When I started the car the instrument panel was dead as was the dome light. I replaced the dome light fuse which had been blown & the instrument panel worked. Don't know exactly why but great!

      However, there are now headlight issues:

      On DRL, the right headlight is out
      On Low Beam the left headlight is out
      On High beam both headlights work

      I've checked every fuse and all are fine.

      The DRLs get no juice at the fuse for the right headlight
      There is juice at the fuse for the left low beam but the light doesn't work.

      Any ideas? I don't even know where to start...

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      What's wrong with my car?
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      We have almost the same problem hope, someone will help us

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      ALWAYS remove the battery when using a battery charger!

      The next step is to call an experienced auto electrician.
      This is not a job for a Forum or an amateur, just too many unknowns.

      In future, please read the Owners Manual.

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