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    Thread: Extended starting Period

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      Extended starting Period

      2010 chevrolet Aveo, LXV engine, Automatic
      Just changed my head gasket after putting it back together I had a cam sensor code. replaced the sensor and now the car seem turn over for extended period before starting. The car runs fine no over heating good coolant flow. No performance issues. I did have engine light reset it. I did check the wire harness the next step in book says to change the head for fix. Stating the cam electromech magnetic is bad on cam. However the head is made of aluminum will not affect the magnetic field it not iron. i don't see what that will serve when all i need to do is change the cam. Do you have any thoughts on this prognoses to logic tree. thank you.

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      Jive, I have a 2008 and a 2009 Aveo. I had a similar problem with my 2008 after I changed the timing belt and related parts. I played around with the position of the cam position sensors and some things got better. I also put in the platinum spark plugs to replace the copper core plugs and it ran worse. I changed back to the copper core plugs and my engine ran better. This platinum vs copper core plug issue gave other people trouble too.

      Did you use the camshaft took kit when you put the engine back together? I read if the camshaft timing is off by a few degrees the engine might not start or run properly. Also if you moved the crankshaft position sensor the engine computer has to be "re-learned" which is a dealer procedure.

      I am wondering if even disconnecting the camshaft position sensors and re-installing them might require a relearn at the dealership or some shop that can do re-learns.

      Back to the camshaft tool kit. I believe this is the tool kit that goes with your engine.

      A tool it like this does not work, trust me. It does not keep the camshaft alignment within the 2 or 3 degree tolerance. https://www.ebay.com/itm/5pcs-Dual-C...VYLSrm&vxp=mtr

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