I recently bought a 2007 Aveo with a clutch issue. The clutch went to the floor and stayed there so I replaced the clutch slave cylinder and bled it well. The clutch comes back up now but doesn't feel as stiff as it seems it should. The car will go into gear with my foot off the pedal and will not engage the motor and transmission to give power to the wheels. Itís like the clutch is always pushed even when itís not. The lever at the end of the slave moves outward away from the engine when clutch is pushed to the floor and back to a resting position when the clutch is released. I tried to pry the lever more in thinking it had more to go and it did move a bit but still no power to the wheels. I am about to pull the tranny but I am wondering if I am missing something. Thanks in advance for any help, ideas, criticism etc.