I know nothing about cars & I have a 2011 Chevy Aveo. At the beginning of last summer my a/c quit blowing cold air but the heater still works. I tried using AC Pro Refrigerant which didn't seem to be working right so I had a friend who knows more about vehs look at it but it was showing too much Freon. He let some out but still isn't blowing cold air, any ideas?
Also my clock has cut in & out for a couple years now but on July 4th all of a sudden while I was driving the radio stopped working. It still has power, however there is no sound and I can't change the channel or adjust volume: none of the buttons work except to mute or turn it off. The first few days the sound finally kicked on but the past 2 days it hasn't turned on at all. I saw where other people seemed to have the same issue but couldn't find any responses with answers or resolutions. The clock hasn't really been that big of a deal but I wasn't sure if they might be related or on the same "connection/fuse/wiring?" I'd really appreciate any suggestions