A few weeks back I noticed my 'passenger airbag light off' wasn't glowing anymore. ('06 SVM) Which I didn't mind, who need's that light anyhow... well a week or 2 later, the red airbag warning light is glowing steady. Well, I suspected right away, the problem was probably related to the PAL light quitting, so I wiggled connectors and tried to get it to work again. But nothing.

So recently at the wrecking yard I grabbed a new clock to see if maybe it was the bulbs being out.

Well... I put the used one in and the PAL light works again as it should, showing that the seat sensor is still functioning normally. And the airbag light didn't light up at first so I thought I was fixed, but within a few seconds, there was the light again.

Will I have to clear the code with a dealership quality scanner?

#2.. I saw on Youtube, that the culprit for the red AB warning light glowing can be seen on the clock display when you take it apart... it will have a burn mark behind the glass, in the upper right hand corner. I'll try to get a pic later.

The Junkyard clock, has the burn as well.... So do I just need to get a new clock or dig for one without the burn, and the light will reset itself?

$75 + at the stealership to get someone to try to clear the code and it might not since this clock still has 'the burn'
Then I'll have to get a new clock, and possibly pay again to get the code cleared.

$10+ time and gas hunting the wrecking yard for a used one. $60 for a New one + time to get it here.
And the light might still need to be reset.

Not sure what to do. But here's my plan today..

I head out to a wrecking yard about 30 miles away this AM to cut off (with a new battery operated sawzall after they denied my cordless grinder last week!) a passenger side strut tower (nice solid one just sitting there) to better repair mine. If I get it all in a reasonable amount of time, I'm going to drive 90 miles south to another U pull it, listing 7 Aveos to choose from. maybe I can find a clock there. Beautiful drive, but big hit on gas and time, if all of them have junk clocks.