Hello the Forum:

I have read alll the inop brake light messages on this board I think. And I have tried just about everything. The rear brake lights will not work, even the top set under the "spoiler".

The symptoms you know.

1. hit the brake, no lights.
2. All other lamps work, even the filament of the running lamp where the brake light filament resides.

Troubleshooting accomplished:

1. replaced bulbs - no joy.
2. checked fuses - all good.
3. replaced brake switch - no joy.
4. Checked ground between lamp ground and body - good ground.
5. Voltages in the socket - one connection has voltage, the other not.
6. Checked for a splice section in the fuse box under the hood, there is none like those demonstrated on youtube.
7. Checked fuse box on the left side of the instrument panel where it should be, the fuse is good.

So, what next?

Am I going to have to get under the dash again and check for voltages to the brake light switch? That has four "pins". I assume one side is for brake detection for cruise control and the other is for the actual lighting?

Any help appreciated.

Curtis Scholl