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      barkydog where ever you are.......

      Spent AM of snowday reading old (2007-2012) Aveo Form threads from Edmunds. What have I done! I bought a car that has given so many people so much grief from a mechanical and dealer service standpoint. My 2011 LT 5-spd was purchased in Nov., 2013 with 19.6k miles as a repo vehicle from a meth-infested area- suburb of KC. Now has 21k on it and I,m wondering when "my turn in the barrel" will appear as many have written. One formum member stands out as being absolutely "right-on" when dealing with the service department.......I totally agree, barkydog.....hold the dealers "feet to the fire"..don't let them blow you off when service issues appear...and they will!. barkydog, I want you in the Abrams when I go to the service department. You got the right attitude!
      #189462, manufactured 12-10, delivered to dealer 2-2-11, sold 10-12, repo'd 8-13, Belton, MO, sold @ auction 9-"13. Two oil changes, ignition recall completed, battery replaced, and no issues yet...garaged until snow is gone, Arizona bound in spring for winter thaw-out! It would make a good trade-in on a Sonic 6spd while in Phoenix.

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