Hi guys
I have a problem with my aveo5 sedan lately. Here is what happens:
Sometimes on cold start but mostly on warm starts the engine cranks and starts but dies immediately like it can't maintain a idle. If I put my foot on the gas the car will run but when I take my foot off the pedal the car stalls out.
After cranking mutlple times it will start up and idle fine run and drive fine.

This problem I experience mostly after warm starts though or if the car has driven for a while.
And it also happens randomly some days car will start and idle fine no matter what the temp (cold or hot start). Some days it will happen every time I shut the car off and upon restart it cranks and then just kinda dies trying to idle.

Here's what I do sometimes when the car does this. I'll take the key out of the ignition open and close drivers door and start the car again. 85% of the time when doing this the car will start idle and run fine first time until I turn it off and try to start it again.

Once the car starts and ildes every thing is fine and normal. There is no check engine light on while in problem is happening. I started having this problem randomly once in a while but recently its become more frequent. Almost everytime I start the car now.

What could the problem be? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.