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    Thread: 2009 Aveo has been keeping me busy wrenching

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      2009 Aveo has been keeping me busy wrenching

      Bit of a re-introduction.

      Used to have a 2004 Aveo. Lost the harmonic balancer on the freeway one day (how?) And timing cog came off the crank. Top end of the engine? Meet the bottom end.

      Fast-forward sixish years, I pick up a 2009 Aveo for too much money at a crappy little buy here pay here. 3 years ago, I'd have probably given $1200. Add $1k to that, and here we sit.Name:  20210506_181124.jpg
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      Someone did the timing belt, tensioner, and the front struts. Somehow, for some God forsaken reason, they left the screaming wheel bearings, and grinding brakes on the car.

      I take care of those. I knew the car needed a thermostat. Replace that and the housing after I cracked the plastic. Also replace the throttle heater line (made in Serbia of all places).

      Car is falling on its face. Backfiring out the exhaust under moderate to heavy throttle, and any RPM over 3k. I finally get two pending codes: Exhaust cam too advanced and system too rich. Research leads me to a thread here.

      I pull the cam actuators. Holy balls. Screens clogged badly. Clean them up. Sputter is GONE.

      Hopefully I can finally drive this thing for more than a weekName:  20210506_174105.jpg
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