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Im not sure if it uploaded the pic or not but it looked like the top bolt was damn near impossible to get to but I was able to get it out a little mess and FYI your going to need to be quick plugging your coolant lines or you are going to need some radiator fluid. First you detach the two 10 mm nuts that hold the metal egr hose in pop it out with a screw driver unbolt the back 12 mm bolt holding the egr valve in slide it toward the front unhook the two coolant lines under the egr hose plug them let them drip thatís your business now you can sneak a 13 mm wrench on there so it sticks out far enough past the transmission so you can go underneath and break it loose, I read somewhere the dealer tips the motor. You also might be able to get a ratchet wrench with a swivel and not have to remove as much I didnít have one but if this post helps one person or saves them from getting molested by a dealer then it served its purpose