Here's what we just sent out in our April e-mail update, highlighting some popular / interesting current topics in the forum:

1) The rustiest Aveo you've ever seen?

Are Aveos rusting where you live? MetroMPG just spotted the worst one he's seen.


2) Strange issue

Z3r0x01 is having issues with a P0300 engine code.


3) Timing Belt Change

Drmagieed has some questions about changing a timing belt.


4) Catalytic converter how to and pix. Also a recommendation for a cheap and functional cat

Hexskrew shares how he replaced his catalytic converter and fixed a few other issues.


5) Thinking about getting a transmision flush done

EdNerd is asking about getting a transmission fluid change done on his 2008 Aveo.


6) Does a cold air intake really work on these aveos?

Newborn asks if a cold air intake really helps on an Aveo.