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    Thread: Suggestions to source replacement battery cable assembly

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      Question Suggestions to source replacement battery cable assembly

      Hello all. My mother-in-law's Aveo was purchased used and had a Frankenstein-like set of cable terminal connectors installed when she picked it up. They, unsurprisingly, failed within a couple weeks. I've talked to several GM dealers and GM doesn't carry the part any more. There are no off-the-shelf replacements available either.

      My understanding is the cable assembly is pretty unique. Has the 100 amp inline fuse on the positive terminal line, connects there to the main fuse box. The negative cable apparently has 3 different ground point leads attaching to various parts of the chassis. So using a generic replacement doesn't sound like a good idea.

      I've heard of people getting custom replacements built but haven't had luck locating anyone. Hoping for suggestions here. Anyone else dealt with the same issue?

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      You could try pull-a-part style junkyards and see if any Aveos are there. Alternatively, you could start asking around at places that are likely to need to build custom vehicle electrical cabling to find out where/who does it. Basically, your motorsport teams are probably a good starting point.

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