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      Purchased last year (2020) from a Canadian. He drove it down to South Georgia, got into a fender bender, and abandoned the car at my buddy's body shop. The entire undercarriage was rusted from snow salt. I have replaced everything except the gas tank.


      Put new tires all around. Stripped the existing factory rims and primed, painted/cleared. new lugs all around. New hubcaps, which were factory 2007, but looked better and were available! 2005 is the unicorn year for Aveo.

      Clean waxed/buffed paint. New headlight assemblies and bulbs. New Chevy bowtie in grille (existing was missing). New front fender marker light assemblies and bulbs. New inner fender liners and hardware.

      Ordered used US mileage speedo gauges to replace existing Canadian kilometer gauges. Funny story: Daughter, who I bought car for, followed me to the house, not realizing the speedo was kilometers. She called me, in route, and said this thing moves really slow at 60mph! LOL

      I literally replaced the entire suspension. Yes, the ENTIRE suspension! Even took rear swing axle out, pressed out bearings, sandblasted, powder-coated, and pressed in new bearings. Replaces rear coils, shocks and entire brakes assembly, including hoses and hard lines (I had to custom bend the lines). All new front end suspension, upper, lower, shocks, brakes, spindles bearings...everything! The Canadian rust is brutal!

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