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    Thread: RC Racer :: 2007 Chevrolet Aveo 5 (Garage entry)

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      My son purchased this car used from the mother my grand daughter. He is a over the road truck driver and really never used it. Well once in a while when he would actually make it home for a few days. He also used it to run around Chicago for a little while as that is where he used to be based out of.

      He decided to give me the car as it would be a gas saver compared to my 04 Dodge Dakota with a V8. I just had the a/c fixed, the expansion valve was bad. It kept off and on having this hold light show upon the console and you had no overdrive, passing gear and could not go over 60mph.

      Well through a few head aches we figured out that the hold button was bad but really could find no info on it. The Chevy dealer had nothing on it other than a picture and it did not even show where or how it plugged in or worked. I guess it is some kind of thing for using up north in the winter when you are driving in the snow, or at least that is what I have heard.

      That problem solved there was a off and on code coming up for both of the throttle sensors. I ended up having to replace the throttle body and the rubber snorkel leading to it as the other was almost in half and most likely the culprit that dirtied up the sensor and cause the problems. She is running fine now.

      My son thought the little car looked like a RC car and had a cb installed with a 102 inch whip antenna attached to the rear roof. And in big white letters RC racing on the back window of the hatchback. Well whatever it is I like it and am going to be using it as my main vehicle even though it is little and I have never been a little car guy. Been trucks and vans most of my life, But AVEO here we go!

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