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    Thread: Li'l Vo :: 2010 Chevrolet Aveo (Garage entry)

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      I just got home from purchasing this sweet little car with only 52,290 miles on it from Dorian Ford Clinton Township, MI. Asking was $1,995 and I walked out the door w registraion and plates for paying only $1,859. I'm the third owner.

      It's now 101 degrees and she's outside with every door open beginning the process of airing out. The last owner was an avid smoker and I'm highly allergic so this has to be done with care. This Chevy has a fare amount of scratches, dings, a crack in the back bumper and missing a small piece from the front but if you were to only glance at Vo you would think nothing much was up.

      Top priorities are replacing the front tires, getting the A/C working and making sure there are no other issues before I drive across the country.

      Check out my site to exactly where Vo, myself and my dog Skittles are getting ourselves into here https://freeproart.com/the-10th-ride

      Here is a 360 of my baby as of 9.16.2018


      Nothing fancy so far. Just made sure tires were solid. Needed two new tires (Motorcraft). I decided to use POR-15 to cover up the rim rust and waiting for my new hubcaps. A cheap quick upgrade.

      Hubcaps arrived and she's a beauty.

      Although, ideally I wanted a subcompact that was lighter in color Li'l Vo's low miles put me over the edge. I have an offer to paint her for $2,000.00 by a shop who considers themselves Artists and I hope to be able to do it but it looks unlikely so I've begun doing what I can meanwhile. Removing paint marks with W-40 for starters.

      Replaced factory radio with JVC free install from Best Buy. Now this LT has bluetooth.

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