So the aveo is on the road and i have plans for it as well as a donor car (07 pontiac g6 3.5L) ive been thinking that the with some work and cussing i could drop the 3.5 into the aveo and do a rwd swap.... Yes i understand that it is alot of work and money involved but im ok with that, i do not want any negative feed back on the idea of a rwd v6 6 speed aveo. And come on how may times has somebody looked at something and said i bet i could make that fit in this car...... But yea im in that planning stages right now and as well as looking for a place with a drive way and a garage for me and the family so eventually im gonna get started on what i call the 07 chevy aveo gxp/r (working title). Anyways i will keep you guys updated on the progress of her