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      I am the third owner original owner was a little old lady down the street. Any and all work was done at a local Chevrolet dealer. My father bought it from her in 2014 with 48k miles. I bought it from him as my first car in 2017 with 58k Miles. It currently has 85k miles. (January 2020.) All part replacements are as follows:

      58k miles: New set of hankook tires (big mistake tires did not last even with with conservative driving)

      65k miles: Power Sunroof mechanism repaired due to lack of use. It just needed to be lubricated and worked back and fourth.

      72k miles: Coil pack assembly and spark plugs replaced (sudden heavy misfire one day merging onto I-264)

      79k miles: New set of Goodyear tires. (Excellent tires in my opinion.

      82k miles: Passenger rear wheel bearing replaced.

      85k miles: (at time of this post) Timing components being replaced (belt, idler, tensioner, water pump, camshaft seals, crankshaft seal, timing cover gasket.) Basically everything under the timing cover.

      All fluids have been replaced when due. Oil changes every 5k miles with Pennzoil full synthetic, high Mileage.


      No Tire Modifications

      There are some minor parking lot dings but nothing major. The paint is starting to fail on the front bumper


      I have installed rubber floor mats because the origonal cloth ones are pretty tired. the carpet ones not live in my trunk


      The original 180 watt head unit is still soldiering along. The CD loading mechanism is starting to get a bit of a temper about loading/ejecting CDs. The four main woofers have been replaced due to dry rotting. Replaced with a decent set of infinity speakers that fit nicely behind the stock grilles. I have not touched the tweeters in the A-Pillars


      The 1.6 DOHC Inline-4 and the Asin 4-speed overdrive automatic Transmission Completely Stock except the usual wear items that sooner or later need to be replaced


      None of the suspension components have been replaced. The rubber bushings on the front end have gotten a little bit creaky. (probably because they are going on 12 years old.)

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