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    Thread: UAC A/C Compressor & Component Kits at RockAuto.com

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      Red face UAC A/C Compressor & Component Kits at RockAuto.com

      With warmer temperatures finally on the way, now is the time to get your air conditioning system operating in peak condition. The RockAuto.com catalog offers A/C parts from respected manufacturers including UAC. Founded in 1988, UAC is known for high quality standards and for constantly developing new parts. From A/C Compressors to A/C Condensers to A/C Evaporator Cores and all of the A/C Refrigerant Hoses and components in-between, UAC produces the A/C parts you need and RockAuto.com provides them at the reliably low prices you expect. (Still snowing in your area? RockAuto.com has a huge selection of Heater Cores by UAC too!)

      In addition to individual components, UAC has two different types of A/C Compressor & Component Kits to ensure you have all of the parts to successfully complete the job. Their Compressor Replacement Kit includes the A/C Compressor, O-Ring Kit, A/C Refrigerant Oil, and the additional components for your specific vehicle such as the A/C Expansion Valve, A/C Receiver Drier/Accumulator and/or the Orifice Tube. Their Compressor-Condenser Replacement Kit includes an A/C Condenser in addition to the components mentioned above.

      Find these kits and other UAC parts for your specific car or truck in the "Heat & Air Conditioning" category of the RockAuto.com catalog.

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      Nice I'm checking out the site right now! Are there any parts for the Kalos? or are they interchangeable with the Aveo?

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