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    Thread: Wobbly transmission; lurching on accel or decel; hard shifting; too much clutch play

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      Wobbly transmission; lurching on accel or decel; hard shifting; too much clutch play

      Hi All,

      Bought a 2009 Aveo5 LS hatchback with manual transmission
      4 months ago.

      It seems to have:

      1. Feels like wobbly tranmission when shifting

      2. Lurching when accelerating or decelerating

      3. Too much clutch pedal play before beginning
      to disengage; too much distance before fully

      As a result, it's not much fun to drive, and it is probably
      causing too much wear and tear on the car.

      Just today, my buddy (20 year mechanic) took
      a look at the 3 motor mounts:

      A. Right front motor mount
      B. Torque strut mount at rear of motor
      C. Transmission mount

      Initially he thought that the torque strut mount
      was broken, and that was the reason for the
      sloppiness while shifting. He said they all looked
      OK just a few hours ago.

      Has anyone had problems like this? What was the

      Have I got the motor mounts right?

      Any other advice would be highly appreciated.


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      This could be 3 separate problems.

      Check the bushings, connections in the shift linkage. They wear out and can even break if "forced"..

      The "lurching" is hard to access what is happening from your description. But if you suspect motor mounts and they are fine. It could also be control arms or upper strut mounts.

      The clutch might just be worn or needs bled, there isn't a mechanic connection that "lurching" the transmission would change the pedal of the clutch, but it could move the shifter.

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