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    Thread: timing belt changed - Feedback

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      timing belt changed - Feedback

      Hi guys,

      I just wanted to share some experience about the timing belt. my car had 71k miles.

      Usually, the repair shop tells you to change the waterpump in the same time as the timing belt. The problem is that it doubles the price!
      most of the garage would charge me more or less 600$, against ~250$ for the timing belt only.

      I went and made clear that I wanted the timing belt only, I did not have any leakage issue since 20k miles.
      the next morning I dropped my car, and a new guy was here and was trying to make my change the both of them.

      then while doing the job, they called me saying I had leakage, and that when they open the hood there was no more coolant...
      I said no. he told me he could fixed it with just some sealant for 50$, and I said OK.
      I think there was nothing I should have said no probably.

      now I have 86k miles, and the car is running fine, with no leakage problem. I am thinking on changing the water pump every other timing belt change.

      I does not mean every water pump is good for 140k, but I just wanted to share the fact that I did not change the waterpump, as one data point.
      maybe others have done the same thing?

      At the end it cost me 300$, because he charged my the 50$ of sealant, and 50$ of coolant.
      I was pretty upset about that, I will not go anymore to this place.

      I think the waterpump is under warranty for 100,000miles, but to be verified.

      Anyway, just wanted to share the experience, if it can helps.


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      cool my 06 has 75k and have not changed anything as of yet.

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