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    Thread: Rear Brake Shoes Dragging - Need Replacement

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      Rear Brake Shoes Dragging - Need Replacement

      As I'm sure you all have experienced, the rear brake shoes on the older Aveo's (I have a 2005 with no ABS) are crap. Mine completely seize/grab whenever they get wet - like when I was the car or it rains!

      Apparently, a GM tech told me, GM had the same problem with the vans due to the "non-Asbestos" lining and solved this by installing ceramic shoes instead. I've been looking for a replacement to the OEM shoes that would prevent this in the future. Not sure if anyone make a ceramic brake pad or at least one that doesn't make an excess amount of dust that turns into drum stopping paste when wet.


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      Re: Rear Brake Shoes Dragging - Need Replacement

      http://www.r1concepts.com/chevrolet-aveo-2005-td48.htm You can check these guys out. They say that these are premium rear brake shoes and they have a phone number on the page. They got a phone number on there if you have any questions. you could call them and ask what they're made of.

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