I forgot to ask. I was going to clean out/change my power steering fluid on my 2006 Aveo today. BUT I go in to Advance Auto and their computer says my car takes 'Dexros VI' transmission fluid. MY owners manual says it takes 'Dexros 3' transmission fluid, and something like 'specifically for type H'.

I brought in my manual and they said, 'well your manual says to get type 3, then get type 3'. That was like $5 a bottle. The type '6-VI' that they said to buy, was $8 a bottle. Well this is the original fluid, and the manual says to put in 'Dexros 3 transmission fluid Specifially H'....so I got that.

BUT does someone know if it is the Dexros 3 or 6? Both were Dexros, but the 6 one didnt say anything about 'type H'..whatever that means. So...do I use the 'Dexros 3'....or go back and get type VI? I dont want to screw up something that isnt broke, but want to put in fresh fluid as maintenance, not a hard job to do. So...which is it???