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    Thread: P2076 IMT Valve Position Sensor

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      P2076 IMT Valve Position Sensor

      Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I have a 2006 Aveo LS with 166k miles. I got a “pending” check engine light for P2076 IMT Valve Position Sensor. I reset the light but I’m sure it’ll come back because my car likes having sensors replaced. I used the FIXD app to scan the code. Does anyone have any advice?

      Essentially I’m confused because Googling this part brings up a lot of “runner control valves”. Is that the same thing as the IMT Valve sensor? RockAuto also lists three separate parts under the “runner control valve”, adding to my confusion.

      I would really appreciate any help in understanding what this all means. I’m not very knowledgeable on cars but if it can be fixed at home, I’d like to do that.

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      What the P2076 code means is that the sensor is not fully actuating. It could be from a bad sensor, bad wiring, or the runners in the intake are binding. I’d remove the sensor and see of the runners rotate fully. If the do, good. Check into a bad sensor or wiring. If the runners won’t rotate fully, I’d look into a bad intake.
      For the sensor look on yours for a GM part number to compare to the options available.

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