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    Thread: Overheating while idle

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      Overheating while idle

      My car overall is running fine, but it is overheating when sitting idle for more than approx 1 minute. I checked and there are no leaks. The fan is also working fine. This happened in the past and I brought it to the dealership (it was still under warranty) and they said there was likely air in the lines, because they burped it and it stopped happening.

      Am I correct in assuming that my first steps should be to check coolant/antifreeze levels and let idle with radiator cap open to expel any air from the lines?

      Please let me know if there is anything special that I need to do when burping the lines on this vehicle or if there is something else that I should be checking as well.


      Edit - I checked and the coolant levels are low. There is only a small puddle at the bottom of my reservoir after being left off for an hour.
      I have seen different recommendations for coolant. The coolant appears to be a pink color. Is there a specific coolant type that I need to use? The last time the coolant was flushed as at the dealership as it is "Certified Used" and was under warranty until about a year ago.
      I need to know if I have to use Dex-Cool or if any coolant will work.

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      I would buy the yellow type "universal" coolant, it works well and will allow you to just top it off.

      It over heats at idle in a minute while driving, and it sat for an hour running with the cap off with no issues?

      The only thing I could suspect is a thermostat, since you say the fan works.

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